Dental Implants

Dental Implants in Moreno Valley, CA

With three convenient locations throughout Riverside County, Dr. Rocio Deza and her team of skilled clinicians restore patients’ smiles with dental implants.

At Dr. Deza’s Dental Office, patients experience a seamless treatment, with all aspects of the implant procedure occurring in our office. From placement to restoration, the entire treatment is performed in-house, eliminating the inconvenience of external referrals and multi-office scheduling.

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Top Reasons for Dental Implants in Moreno Valley:

  • Replacing one or more missing teeth without affecting neighboring teeth
  • Replacing the need for messy denture adhesive and denture maintenance
  • Restoring functionality, including speech and digestion
  • Enhancing facial tissues
  • Renewing a patient’s self-confidence

The Benefits of Dental Implantsdepiction of a dental implant and crown

Patients often consider dental implants after dealing with a missing tooth for years or desiring to overcome the hassle of other restorations, such as traditional dental bridges or dentures. Similar to bridges and dentures, a dental implant restores aesthetics and function to the mouth in the instance that one or multiple teeth are missing; however, dental implants are permanent and provide numerous additional health and aesthetic benefits.

When a tooth is lost, the jawbone, which once secured the tooth’s roots, begins to degrade. Over time, this can cause the bone anchoring neighboring teeth to weaken, which can cause facial tissues to develop a sunken appearance. However, with a dental implant, the titanium post will mimic a tooth’s natural root structure, fusing with and preserving the jawbone. Combining the threat of deterioration with the hassle of denture adhesive or the expense of bridge repair, dental implants are a clear winner in terms of durability, reliability, strength, and aesthetics.

Dr. Rocio Deza’s Approach to Dental Implants

One of the primary things to consider when choosing an implant dentist in Moreno Valley is finding an experienced professional who creates a feeling of trust and security, which is exactly what Dr. Rocio Deza and her team strive to provide. We find joy in genuinely helping patients, taking a very calculated approach to dental implant treatment planning.

During the initial consideration phase of the process, Dr. Deza will inquire about your goals in having dental implants placed. The aesthetic appearance you desire will be noted, and we’ll provide multiple treatment options to choose from. In this phase, we may perform CT Cone Beam scans to determine how much bone we’re working with. These images are high-quality, allowing Dr. Deza to collaborate with you on your treatment, as well as increase the accuracy of implant placement.

Following your initial consultation, our treatment coordinator will discuss the recommendations made by Dr. Deza and review insurance coverage, when applicable, as well as payment options.

Once you’ve decided upon your treatment plan, your appointments will be scheduled, and we’ll start preparing you for your exciting implant journey. 

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